Team History

In 1995 Jon Newman, who had links with the Invicta Eagles BAFL League team, had success in convincing the Sports Federation of the value of a university team, and the resultant financial support cleared the way for the development of the Falcons. The team was initially formed in January 1996 after a poster campaign to recruit players, and the next month a committee was formed, led by Newman. The 2000-2001 Season saw the arrival of more rookie talent, and despite the seemingly poor record, future victories next season were assured with fresh organisation and renewed training.

Under the now head coach Jon Newman, the Falcons put together a winning season for the first time during the 2002/03 year. This included memorable victories over the Southampton Stags, a Falcons’ record-breaking 50 – 0 win over the Essex Blades, and a win against the UEA Pirates which sent the Falcons into the play offs for the first time,finishing with an impressive 6 and 2 record.

The 2003/04 season was a rather up and down year, heavy losses mixed with large wins made the Falcons a rather mediocre package.
A new season, a new kit, 2004/05 saw the introduction of the white jersey home strip. 2005/06 saw a massive loss against the Southampton Stags and a great win over Reading Knights, making the season an average one at 3/5.

In 2006/2007 we inducted our new field Keynes field. The Falcons had a double header that year, playing Hertfordshire on a Saturday and Warwick on Sunday.

The 2007/08 season was very turbulent. We had some new coaching staff which proved vital to our game.




The 2010/2011 season was a fantastic one for the team, achieving a 7-1 season.





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Since then, the team has taken massive strides, introducing a new Navy home kit and a move to the Parkwood pitches as a home field. The 2013/2014 season saw the Falcons set an impressive 5-2 regular season record, being the first team to put up points against the infamous Hertfordshire Hurricanes. The Falcons reached the playoffs, beating Surrey in the first round. Sadly, the Glasgow Tigers stopped the Falcons run to the Semi-Finals.



The 2014/2015 season saw a tense away win against Oxford Brookes as the first game which set up a strong season performance. Wins against Oxford, Essex and Christchurch followed up in quick succession. With the prospect of playoffs being a real possibility, the Falcons headed to UEA with a 3-0 record, coming out on the other side 3-1. Shrugging the tough loss off, the Falcons dominated Christchurch in their Varsity game before an end of the season loss to Cambridge, ruling out a post-season.