Falcons and Jaguars: An interview with Sergio Brown

17th July 2015 Jacksonville Jaguars NFL player Sergio Brown launches limited editon menu at Ed's Easy Diner in London.
Kent Falcons President with Jacksonville Jaguars star receiver Sergio Brown in London.

The Kent Falcons are only two weeks away from their first pre-season scrimmage – and they have been told to keep ‘chasing the dream’ by NFL star Sergio Brown.

Falcons President Greg Chapman had an exclusive chat with the Jacksonville Jaguars free safety, who was in London on a special NFL promotional tour. Sergio, 27, had some top advice for the university’s highly successful American Football team, who will bid to make the play-offs this season for the third time in four years.

He told Greg over a burger at Ed’s Diner in the Trocadero in London: “It’s tough for British kids learning to play American Football – but definitely keep chasing that dream. As the sport grows over here in the UK, more dreams are going to come to fruition every day and every year”

“Before you know it the game is going to be so strong over here at universities and at youth levels. One day I could be playing alongside a lot of British kids – maybe some Falcons – and I promise to look after them for you!”

The Falcons will be hoping to recruit their next group of star players during Freshers’ Fair on Friday September 25th, when Greg and his team-mates will be on hand to talk you through the fast-growing sport and sign you up for the coming season.

Greg said: “Last season we had one of our best ever recruiting days and we hope to do even better this year. We all love American Football, and the beauty is you don’t have to be an elite athlete, the sport has a place for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. If you’re big, if you’re fast, if you’re just someone who loves sport and wants to get involved, we’re right here for you.”

“We have a new kit this season, a new logo, an exciting new coaching set-up under head coach Jonty Newman and a strong set of returning players. We are also an incredibly friendly and social group so we can guarantee you a great first year at university.

“With any luck, we will encourage another fantastic group of people to join us at Freshers’ Fair and help another push for the play-offs.”

And Sergio, will be one of the strong men in the Jaguars defence when they face the Buffalo Bills at Wembley on October 25, had his own words of advice for potential recruits.

He told Greg: “It’s tough for British kids learning to play American Football – but they should remember it isn’t all just about making big hits.

“Yes, it’s fast and it can look violent. But the best way is to attack the game mentally. If you learn the game mentally you can have fun, knowing the other guy might be better physically but he can’t beat you if he’s having to think about what he’s doing all the time.

“And remember, there’s a lot more to it than big hits – if you go out there looking to make a big play you probably aren’t going to get one.

“And believe me, getting hit hurts more than making a hit!”

Greg and his Falcons committee will be at Freshers’ Fair on Friday September 25th and would love to see you.

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