Upgrades & Continued Re-branding

Only two weeks to go until pre-season!

Preparations have continued throughout the summer with the arrival of new decals for team helmets from the United States. Accelerating the process of re-branding, the decals will be applied to all team helmets. The design and development of snapbacks as a celebration of the new branding were completed this week and are looking dope.

The Britbowl is going down this weekend, with London Blitz facing off against the London Warriors. Check out the stream over at Double Coverage.

It’s less than 3 weeks until Freshers Fayre! Be sure to check us out on the 25th of September, you won’t be able to miss us.


New helmet decals from the States


Team branded snapbacks


A Red Summer

The summer has only just begun but the Falcons are well under way preparing for the new season. The introduction of a whole new team of coaching staff as well as a total re branding is setting up for a fast paced start to the 2015/2016 season.


Thank you to Tom Cahill for the fantastic visualisation of the new kit.

September brings the Falcons pre-season camp along with the City Sentinels.


The camp will be an excellent opportunity for both teams to develop their skills and get back into the zone for the beginning of the season.

For more information, visit Double Coverage, who wrote an article on the changes: