Brace Yourselves, Freshers Are Coming

The pre-season camp with the City Sentinels, the East Kent Mavericks and the Christchurch Chargers took place on Saturday and the day was a resounding success. Close to forty players across the three clubs took part alongside twenty coaches. Under the Canterbury sun, 6 hours of practice saw improvements from all squads and a vital chance to get in some full contact training.

Freshers week is finally upon us! Feel free to stop any of the Falcons you see walking around campus and ask any questions you may have.

Find us at the Freshers Fayre on Thursday; where we will be walking around in kit and handing out flyers, then on Friday; where we will have a stall, facilities to sign up and a range of activities for you to try.

We’re also on Snapchat! Just scan our QR code or add “KentFalcons”

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